It is a real pleasure to welcome you to read our 2015 Annual Report with a theme: “Building models that increase people’s participation in decision making and resource allocation for poverty eradication”  It has been another successful year for Development Research and Training (DRT) as we intensified our struggle towards poverty eradication.  A few years ago, DRT was one of the few voices calling for solutions to end chronic poverty.

Today, ending poverty is seen as a feasible goal to both developing and developed countries. This gives us courage and confidence to even work harder to uphold the progress. In this poverty fight, we have realized that Uganda has good policy frameworks which are the envy of and emulated by other countries, but they are always not implemented due to a number of reasons including; systems and institution failures; and limited financial provisions.

This widens the gap between the rich and poor, as well as increasing risks and vulnerability to many Ugandans. At DRT, we believe that the state has a social contract with its citizens, so it should adopt and adapt to the  evolving economic, political and social environments to efficiently and effectively deliver public services.

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