Development Research and Training (DRT) has embarked on developing its new five year Strategic Plan (2016 – 2020).  The new strategy will coordinate and consolidate DRT’s contribution to the fight against poverty through action research, training and policy analysis at local, national and regional levels.

The strategy will be a referencing document that aims at:

  • Reinforce research and training in pro-poor policy development and implementation at all levels across the county.
  • Strengthen partnership development between DRT and other partners, particularly, funding partners, government, NGOs and Citizens.

The strategic plan will be built on DRT’s past experiences and lessons, places chronic poverty response at the heart of Uganda’s development agenda. DRT recognizes that economic growth alone is not enough to tackle poverty and particularly severe and chronic poverty.


Experiences from DRT’s 19 years chronic poverty research and policy analysis indicate that tackling chronic poverty requires:

  1. Putting in place deliberate national social protection programs and systems to improve the economic and social security of the poorest, and support their efforts to create human capital and assets
  2. A significant investment in extending social services and redressing social exclusion
  3. Ensuring that economic growth is redistributive and
  4. Creating enabling systems, opportunities and structures to facilitate poor peoples’ participation in influencing decisions at local and national level.