DSI-Danida has supported NUDIPU in a number of programs including a pilot HIV/AIDS project1. This project was mainly designed to contribute to the learning agenda of mainstreaming disability into the national HIV/AIDS responses. The project design is based on the recognition that because of extreme levels of poverty, PWDs are more vulnerable to HIV/AIDS infection, and yet current programs and responses remain generally silent on links between the two: HIV-AIDS and disability.

HIV/AIDS education, testing and clinical programs are for instance largely inaccessible to individuals with disability, either due to the medium in which they are presented (inappropriate to particular disabilities). This evaluation, therefore, concurs with the observation that: “the HIV virus does not discriminate, but people and services do”.

Recognizing these challenges, NUDIPU adopted mainstreaming as the driving approach for the programme implementation (rationally aiming at inclusion of disability in Uganda?s HIV/AIDS response) unlocking service providers „mind sets? and enabling them to appreciate peculiar and
unique needs of PWDs.

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