This paper attempts to understand the performance of NAADS programme in Kampala through a desk review of the public expenditures. It was noted that NAADS budgets have remained constant at UGX 1.22bn or slightly above. The study team notes variations between budgets, allocations and expenditures. For instance between 2011/12 and 2012/13 out of the UGX 1.22Bn only UGX 1.064B and 0.53Bn was spent respectively. NAADS statistics of 2012-14 also indicate a rise in number of beneficiaries from 712 to 1,250. Nakawa and Makindye divisions have had the most beneficiaries from NAADS inputs in the period.


The impact of NAADS includes improvement in access to credit services, asset accumulation and agricultural advisory services. The challenges includes limited participation of the vulnerable and poor households citing prejudice, lack of information and nepotism, failure of the selection process, late disbursement of funds, poor quality extension services and a non-functional procurement committees.