Uganda ranks highest in alcohol consumption globally with 19.47 litres per capita with the unrecorded alcohol consumption estimated to be 10.7 litres pure alcohol per capita for population older than 15 years in 2004. This raises Uganda from a position of the 18th least consumer of alcohol with a per capita consumption of 0.46 litres per adult 15 years and above in 1996.  Coupled with the above in the Uganda Participatory Poverty Assessment report, alcoholism at 42% is reported primarily among men, to have stood out as the number one factor responsible for movement into poverty. In addition according to a United Nations Human Development Report (2004) Uganda spent $ 145 million on alcohol.

The major concern therefore that raises this research is the fact that in many developing countries Uganda inclusive, where alcohol consumption has been on the rise in recent years, governments recognize alcohol more for its income generation potential than the substantial socio-economic and health costs associated with drinking. It’s reported that there is no authority in Uganda regulating the distilling of liquors/ gins which wreck a lot of havoc on the population; “alcohol is not legislated against as an illegal drug in Uganda though medical authorities recognize it as the most popularly taken drug

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