Despite Uganda having experienced rapid economic growth in recent years of 1.8% in 2017 compared to 0.2% in 20141, this growth has not translated into adequate employment generation for a growing youth population.

Unemployment, especially youth unemployment2, has become one of the most pressing challenges the Ugandan government is facing. Taking Katakwi district as an example, more than 51% of the youth in the district are unemployed. In Africa, particularly in sub-Saharan countries, youth unemployment has emerged as one of biggest challenges with young people increasingly being encouraged to create their own jobs through entrepreneurship. In this case, entrepreneurship education could potentially play a vital role in creating self-employment for these young people.

Findings from the Community Based Monitoring Systems (CBMS) survey conducted amongst all households in two lower local governments of Katakwi Town Council and Kapujan sub-county in Katakwi district indicate a positive relationship between education and the likelihood of a youth being employed. Entrepreneurship education cannot entirely solve unemployment but can be a part of the response to solving the problem. Download full report here