Brief about the Symposium
The Uganda Humanitarian Learning Platform symposium, for which the main theme was: “Effective humanitarian response through learning and knowledge management”, brought together participants from humanitarian organisations, research organisations, civil society, business, government and academia to deliberate on the increasing importance of humanitarian knowledge and learning in disaster risk reduction and humanitarian programming. The symposium took place on November 23, 217, at Imperial Royale Hotel, Kampala.

The architecture of the symposium included
• Expert panel presentations with comments and
questions in the morning;
• Technical presentations in breakout sessions in
the afternoon followed by session reports to the
plenary and additional stakeholder comments.

About the UHLP Charter:

In the last quarter of 2016, the idea to create/ establish a humanitarian learning and knowledge management platform in Uganda was conceived following two studies: the capacity needs assessment of humanitarian actors in Uganda by DRT, RAN, and URCS1; and the integration of disaster risk management in district development planning by DRT.

Among other findings, the studies revealed glaring gaps in learning and knowledge management. Although there is much civil society research, academic study, and government information on humanitarian work,
there is at the same time limited coordination among producers of learning, and between producers and should-be users of this humanitarian knowledge.

Following several consultations with state and non-state actors, the Uganda Humanitarian Learning Platform (UHLP) was eventually formed on 10th May 2017 in a consultative meeting that brought together ten like-minded
non-state humanitarian actors, from national and international NGOs, and the academia.

2 The platform is a loose coalition of different civil society and faith-based organizations, research organizations, academia, and organizations representing key affected communities.


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