It is a real pleasure to welcome you to read our 2014 Annual Report themed “Building models for effective demand and feedback to improve accountability” Uganda is widely known for constituting a very good constitution which respects human rights development. It also has good policy frameworks which are the envy of and often emulated by other countries.

However, when it comes to actual implementation of these policies there is systems and institutional failure. It becomes a case of over-committing and under delivering. And when that happens it is the Ugandans who live in poverty, risk and vulnerability that suffer the most. Where it should be carefully planning for the construction of a house, it tries to build a mountain.
When we in DRT talk of promoting the formulation of pro-poor policies, we do not intend to urge government to do more of the same. We are asking for policies that demonstrate that they are based on evidence from lived realities of ordinary people; policies that empower the people with the information they need to demand what rightly belongs to them.

We are asking for a government of the people (democratic), by the people and for the people (accountable). We are asking that nobody should be left behind, overlooked or side-lined by a government policy or its implementation.

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