DRT UK is dedicated to bringing Development Research and Training’s research findings and expertise to a wider audience in international development, and to supporting DRT’s work in East Africa.

As an African led organisation, DRT UK aims to foster and increase DRT’s international profile and partnerships in order to play a full part in the eradication of global poverty, especially chronic poverty and vulnerability.

DRT works to secure:

  1. Useful evidence based information for policy analysis and engagement to end poverty.
  2. Equitable development and human rights with special concern for social protection and inclusion for chronically poor and vulnerable people
  3. Mutual respect, learning and accountability through local, national, regional & global collaborations
  4. Meaningful citizen participation and effective governance supported by open data, open government and open development

Networks and collaborations include:

Development Initiatives  http://www.devinit.org/

Bond www.bond.org.uk

DRT UK People and Governance:

DRT UK is a registered charity governed by a small highly experienced board and secretariat (link to individuals details) which we are currently seeking to expand. UK Charity Registration No 1110994 http://www.charitycommission.gov.uk

For more information about our work including how you might contribute
as a board member, research partner or donor please contact info@drt-uk.org