Year 2017 will remain memorable for two reasons. First, it’s the year in which DRT marked its 20th anniversary. This gave us an opportunity to look back, reflect on lessons learnt and celebrate what we have achieved. Secondly, DRT ventured into new fields that opened gates for new opportunities and enabled us build new partnerships.

In 2017, with the number of people affected by humanitarian crises increasing in Uganda and in response to our strategic goal –to contribute to poverty reduction, DRT with support from partners made strides in building capacities for humanitarian actors in the local governments in Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) integrated planning.

Studies we conducted – some of them appearing in this annual report, indicate that the growing refugee influx and the occurrence of other disasters (such as drought, floods and landslides etc.) are over stretching the country’s capacity to deal with them. Reducing this burden, however, requires a comprehensive integration of humanitarian issues into development planning at all levels

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