The different spheres of development recognize the capacity building as an essential component of achieving development in various societies.   The capacity building and Institution Development theme at DRT primarily focuses on technical and institutional building and strengthening of organizations and partners to advocate for processes, policies, and institutions that are pro-poor.

On the international stage, capacity building has been identified and embedded as an important prerequisite for making progress towards the SDG targets. The capacity of countries to formulate and effectively implement policies is central to making progress towards achieving the development goals.

Making progress towards achieving the development Goals such as the newly launched SDGs of which Uganda is a signatory requires simultaneous pursuit of policies that promote social-economic growth but also ensure the participation and advancement of the people particularly the poor which can only be done through enhancing the capacity of all stakeholders.  Likewise, DRT has adapted to this shift by building the capacity both internally (of its staff) and external partners to advocate for processes, policies, and institutions that are responsive to pro-poor priorities.

DRT’s main objectives under the capacity building theme include:

  • Build the capacity of chronically poor people to articulate their priorities in decision-making processes.
  •   Strengthen the capacity of decision-makers to analyze, plan, and budget for the poor.
  • Boost capacity of institution to respond to needs and aspirations of the chronically poor.

DRT has developed and continues to grow extensive knowledge, experience, and capacity over the years from previous capacity building initiatives. Some of these include poverty understanding and analysis, research methodologies, budget processes, and participatory research approaches. These capacities are closely linked to the other three thematic areas in the organization that seek to influence policy through analysis and engagement.

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